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Yanir Shani
25.03 - 03.04.22


Son of Pharaoh (2018-2022)

This exhibition is a summary of an ongoing photographic process that started in 2015. An Installation composed out of three Silver gelatine prints on Archival photo paper and a 2:45 min video going in loop called “Ashmedai”. The photos were taken by a medium format analog camera in 2018. 

Standing at a seashore looking at the Mediterranean sea, I developed a new performative aspect of my practice alongside my photographic work. By manipulating traditional methods associated with production in analogue photography during the printing process in the darkroom, I have created images that deal with distraction, disappearance and obscure landscapes.

Within acts of releasing force, dancing, singing, praying and screaming, I become very much aware of my physicality, body, and movement in the darkroom. Inevitably, the resulting image is blurred – moving the image away from its former figurative state. This printing method allows singularity over the remaking of a specific image, over and over again. I cannot repeat the same movement, and I cannot produce the same print. Every one of them is a unique and singular creation, like a memory that is ever-changing and in a state of constant transformation.

This methodology that bases on thoughts beliefs and intuition.I perceived the aforementioned pictures not so much as images of landscapes but as visual representations of memories I wish to transform into somewhere new. The 2:45 min video depicts the methodology I am utilising in the darkroom. I have decided to abstract the visual syntax in the video as much as possible in order to highlight the basic conditions which allow photography to happen- conditions of light and time. In that context the work acts as a fragment of the process and exposes what is behind the image and is not seen, while still holding narrational qualities. 

Yanir Shani is a visual artist coming from Tel Aviv and currently working at Trondheim, Norway. He received his BFA from Bezalel Academy for Fine Art and Design in Jerusalem (2011) and his MFA from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (2017). For the past decade he has been working as a freelance photographer, visual artist, and photography teacher and lecture, while developing his own practice. His artistic process is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of conceptual abstraction in which the textual and cultural aspects of photography provide the conditions for experiments in photographic deconstruction.While using historical, personal, psychological, and spiritual optics his visual research highlights the relationship between memory, ideology, control and perception.

His works have been exhibited in Norway and abroad among others at The Corcoran Gallery of Art (Washington D.C.), Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage (Cleveland, USA), Statens Høstutstillingen, Vårutstillingenin in Fotogalleriet, Oslo, BABEL visningsrom for kunst and Trøndelagsutstillingen in Trondheim.

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