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InTheCloseT⃣  is an artist-run space founded by Vsevolod Kovalevskij in Tromsø, Norway 2020. This showroom is located in the walk-in closet of the artist's apartment, located at Fiskergata 2. From the beginning of 2022 InTheCloset has been relocated to Oslo and from 2023 InTheCloset:Vilnius has opened it's doors.
The title of space is a double entendre, playing on the well-known saying "in the closet", used to describe a person who is unwilling or unable to acknowledge their sexual or gender orientation publicly. 
This title creates the foundation for a space, dedicated to showing artistic projects which question the meaning behind: gender, identity, in/visibility, lack of discussion, discomfort, censorship, inclusiveness or lack thereof. Ultimately, its intention is to expand and play with what it means to be in the closet. 

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