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William A.F Bentsen The Spitton. (round ll) installation view 2.jpg

William A.F Bentsen

01.01.21 - 03.01.21

The Spitton. (round ll)

All sounds was fieldrecorded realtime in the living room from different internet sources.
Recorder placed on loaf of bread.

Countdownism; A recording strategy best used before New year's Eve. Spaces, places to have past or going too. In order to have a presentable future, anything. I've learned recently.
The lay is always dark while looking upwards at winter.


For each good invention, nice song, or artwork we have at least some thousands of bad ones this year, and so this might be one of does. While Odin had flown away from Suttung he had pooped some of the mead of poetry out along the way, and whoever wanted it took it. Anyone who has eaten these bird droppings is what we call bad poets. “So that’s why poetry was known as Odin’s gift. He gives up the mead to Æsir and the humans and he gives them the gift of poetry. that urine of Odin that came from the fermented urin/blood of a man made from spit–from all of the urine splashing around in inside of Odin for about three days.” A homage to all the bad ideas of 2020.


William A. F. Bentsen (b.1989) explores the vast field of material realities in everyday objects through sculpture and substance-specific sound installations. In his work, he wishes to collapse the deep-sunken ideas of boundaries between the external and the internal. His work touches on notions of New Materialism and phenomenology, delving into a wide range of perspectives and nuances of the physical and meta-physical value spectre. Bentsen completed his Bachelor of Fine Art at the Trondheim Academy of Fine art in 2016 and Masters of Fine Art from the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø in 2020.

William A.F Bentsen The Spitton. (round ll) installation view 3.JPG
William A.F Bentsen The Spitton. (round ll) installation view 1 .jpg
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