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Thomas Grødal

07.05 - 09.05.21

IN THE CLOSET⃣ presents  ”LOOP SOUP 1.0”, Video installation.

The new conformism has taken its claws on our society and we sit flickering through clips and images behind a screen on a tortured planet. A closet is a restrain or conform that is the same for all of us. As if there is something to hide or not talk about or not to be seen or heard. The conform or the closet is the same as any app where one is representing one selves after specific measures, or tic tok memes. The whole world has become a closet, now you have to go into a closet to be free, and see the world. Welcome home.

Interdisciplinary visual artist Thomas Grødal lives and works on planet earth - Lat/Long: 59.922261, 10.765943.

They often make installations with painting, sculpture, photography or video.

Mixing situations, spaces, dialogues and material found along the way to their soup. Sometimes site specific and situation based.

Slow cooking process adding and peeling of material and meaning. Sociological, anthropological and environmental topics are often found in their work alongside raw formal aspects. Grødal has exhibited in Kunsthal Extra City, Middelheim museum, M HKA, NICC, Espace 251 Nord, Komplot, Fondazione 107 and more. They have a Bachelor of Painting and a Master of In Situ from Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

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