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Sun Park
18.12.20 - 20.12.20

"Now and There, Here and Then (2018) 11:51" by South Korean artist Sun Park in collaboration with Soi Son.

In Now and There, Here and Then (2018), a mother and daughter in different times and zones create two skies. 5000 miles and 9 hours of time difference are compressed within a single channel video. Layers of digital frames capture celestial times reminding us of the geographical distance. Flattened worlds find another dimension through a conversation between the two.


Sun Park is a South Korean artist based in London for the time being. Her moving image work embraces the silence, emptiness and ambiguity, byproducts of being foreign in any culture and to any language, as material. Through rearranging and altering perimeters and limitations of image-making she attempts to create poetic and melancholic framing of life. A micro world that invites rather than belongs to others.

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