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Rebecca Erin Moran  Pleasure Altar installation view 2.jpg

Rebecca Erin Moran

26.03 - 28.03.21

The smell was strong in the darkness. It couldn't even be categorized as a smell. Stench. It tasted, that word, the feeling of it inside your mouth felt like the festering inside the body; a resistance, a clenching, and then biting something solid. Recoil and dig in. This is the edge we long for, repulsion appeal. eating pleasure, tasting shit. In this darkness, you can move your head, but the horizon never changes. Only the smells, and the undulating sounds from any and all directions. Slowly, reach out your arms towards the sounds of your own breathing. Breathing deep and wet like a meditation searching for the shadow instead of light...
unzip yourself
unhinge yourself
go inside yourself
arouse your infinite erotic being.
go fuck yourself!


Hypnotherapeutic techniques guide you to fall out of time... feel your body inside out, lose your body, fuck your body. Be every body, be no body.
Written and Conceived by Rebecca Erin Moran
Sound Design Kristján Zaklynsky

Altar candles are handmade with a special edition Fecund scent, created in collaboration Smell Lab Berlin.
The Smell Lab Studio is a platform for olfactory art and inter-disciplinary practices that relate to scent as a medium for expression and communication, founded by Klara Ravat in 2015, in Berlin.
Pleasure Altar candles: 100% locally sourced German Rapeseed Wax and 100% body safe.
Fecund scent: essential oil, Cashmeran, civet, castreum, safraline, sandalore, galbanum, isobutyl quinolene, tobacco Abs.

Stop Stopping Now Hypnosis running time: 18m17s

Rebecca Erin Moran  Pleasure Altar Candle View .JPG
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