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Katharina Kneip

27.04 - 07.05.23

I feel like a fish - sometimes - frisch - fisk - Fisch.
A small lake in a forest. Covered with ice. I’m searching
for a hole to walk away. None! None! None!
The ice starts to sing. Betraying. The lake - my lake -
resonating body - forest echoes. I’m searching
for a stream connected with then sea. Too small! Many stones.
Stones. Suddenly I remember - I forgot that I can fly.

(Written in Oslo, when remembering the way up there. Still thinking about it, when passing by frozen lakes…)

Round:Motion is an interdisciplinary long term project initiated by the artist Katharina Kneip.

It reflects on hierarchies and the reality of feminism and gender equality within the context of outdoor adventures as well as bodily movement in the context of nature.

Round:Motion consists of interconnected parts: FORUM, TOUR and CLOUDING

In the end of January 2023 Katharina Kneip started the TOUR in Münster (Germany) and walked via Denmark and Sweden crossing right now Norway in direction of north. During the next years she will continue to circumnavigate the earth by foot, ski, paddling and sailing on a northern route. It is the unimaginable, practical, physical, and unpredictable exploration of movement.

During the TOUR she is exchanging and cooperating with different people on the way, digitally as well as with plants, landscapes, stones and other beings. These exchanges as well as a collection of other documentations will be archived in the FORUM – a continuously growing and interactive library of various documentations, links to literature, texts, art works... new relationships between practical and theoretical research from different backgrounds dealing with the idea of Round:Motion are made visible and accessible here.

CLOUDING names the way of understanding research – Developing an open process of serendipitous discovery, of divergent thinking, practical and theoretical research, of movement as source and reflection at the same time. Its past, present and future in one space and doesn’t mean to find answers to questions coming out of the now existing system, but to find a way to structure and become the structure of an unsystematic system, a dynamic order and vulnerable identity to formulate questions we are now still too limited to imagine.

Katharina Kneip (b.1990)is a contemporary artist currently and for next years based in Münster, Germany and in her ongoing project Round:Motion, . She completed an apprenticeship in Stonemasonry and Sculpture in Trier/Mainz between 2010-2013. Later on, she pursued her education at the Academy of Fine Arts Münster, where she was under the guidance of Mariana Castillo Deball, graduating in 2019. During her studies, she also attended the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where she was a part of Monica Bonvicini's class in 2016-2017. In 2020-2021, she wqs as a Meisterschülerin of Mariana Castillo Deball.

Kneip has participated in various artist residencies, scholarships, and grants, including the Leonardoprojekt residency in Carrara, Italy, the Sankt Petersburg Art Residency in Russia, and the Lavangsnes Wunderkammer residency in Norway in 2019. She has also received multiple scholarships, such as the Reisestipendium der Kunstakademie Münster, Cusanuswerk scholarship, and Förderprogramm der Vereinigten Volksbank Münster grant.

Kneip has exhibited her work in numerous group exhibitions, including Kunst Netz Werke - Ein dialogisches Kunstprojekt at Deutsche Gesellschaft für christliche Kunst e.V. München, Rundgang 2020 at Kunstakademie Münster, and NEUN - Der Förderpreis Kunst at am Roggenmarkt, Münster, among others. She has also had solo exhibitions such as SLEEP LATER at Cuba Culture, Münster in 2022, WUB-Solo at Kunstakademie Münster in 2019, and Land of no things at im Keller, Münster in 2018.
Besides her exhibitions, Kneip has initiated various self-initiated projects. In 2020, she collaborated with Masako Kato and Duoni Liu on a 30-day-long music video performance called uatsh-tide-uatsh. In 2019, she conducted an artistic research journey called Expedition2019, and in 2018, she performed a public space action called Retournierung - Schönheit in Phase 2.

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