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Joanna John
25.06 - 27.06.21

"Show me your tongue" collage cycle introduces into the world of psychosexual sensitivity, a magical land of fleeting, transparent voyeurism. These artworks tempt and attract, but at the same time are quite ambiguous not to saturate the senses too easily, but to induce in-depth reflection, to cross over compulsions of instincts. At first glance, they seem instinctive, orderly, geometric, focused on mating. However, a moment is enough to immerse yourself in them and let yourself be carried away by the impetuous, psychosexual current.

Knocked out of the rhythm of the daily perception we end up into an already disordered world - attractive and terrifying at the same time. Only with a deeper understanding and recognizing our identities and patterns of behavior their individual expressions give us more opportunities, enthusiasm and inspiration. Thanks to the marriage of art and psychology, built on inner honesty, you can discover your desires, fulfillments, frustrations, pulsations, attractions, fascinations and inhibitions. The human condition is constantly filled with a cacophony of desires, and Joanna John's collages are an extremely successful attempt to reveal this, what is usually hidden or shamed away. From this point of view this cycle of her collages is not only exceptional work of art created with great sensitivity but a therapeutic tool that can bring the viewer a lot of use.

poem by Rafał Nowakowski

Joanna John is an interdisciplinary artist born in 1983 who fulfills herself in various media ranging from interactive sculptures, videos and images to performative actions, ending with making music. She preferably uses media that enable direct dialogue with the recipient. She tries to touch the nature of the phenomena of the surrounding reality. However, what fascinates her most is the concept of the language. She perceives it as a magical tool, a tool for creating new worlds.
text by Carl Abrahamsson.


More about Joanna:
Co-curator of Trans:visions Festival in CCA in Warsaw.
In many ways (design, music, video) worked with Jørgen Knudsen, Zenial, Antoine Chessex, Jerome Noetinger, Mats Gustafsson, Joachim Nordwall, Robert Schalinski, Wojciech Benicewicz, Alameda 5, X:Navi-Et, Burkhard Stangl, Anthony Pateras, Geir Jenssen.
Founder and CEO of "Kiss The Frog" music agency.

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