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Francisco  Belarmino 
24.02 - 19.03.23

"We invite you to experience Francisco Belarmino's exhibition, 'An Inexhaustible Darkness Hides Between the Iridescent Flashes of the Surface,' and dream within the dreams of others at the InTheCloset exhibition space. 


"In this exhibition, Chilean artist Francisco Belarmino showcases his extensive practice using digital animation to interrogate contemporary image production and its impact on the construction of individual and collective identity. Belarmino's artworks reflect on the loss and transformation of mediated content, and his criticism stems not only from the use of mass media as a system of social control, but also from the way in which images are produced within a production chain. Through his installation works, he invites viewers to contemplate the conditions and mechanisms of image production and the role of the viewer within this process, using sound, voiceovers, moving images, and other elements. Belarmino's works take various forms, such as video projections, single-channel videos for different screens, or photographic images in dialogue with moving images, often accompanied by attached elements."

In Chile, the artist's works have been exhibited at various esteemed museums such as the Museums of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the National Center for Contemporary Art, including the 13th Arts Biennial. The artist has also exhibited  at renowned national galleries such as Bech Gallery, Metropolitan Gallery, and Patricia Ready Gallery, as well as cultural centers throughout the country. The artist's works have been showcased in several international cities, including Zurich, Madrid, Rome, and Buenos Aires.

Additionally, the artist has gained valuable experience through internships such as working for the 2011 Mercosur Biennial in Brazil and doing a professional internship at Peforma, New Visual Arts in New York City, USA in 2013. The artist has also held academic positions, serving as an academic assistant at the Diego Portales University School of Art and as a professor at the Uniacc University School of Art, where they taught courses focused on the thought and production of the moving image.

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Video Sienos_2017_Francisco Belarmino 6.jpg
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