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Edvine Larssen
15.01 - 23.01.22


Not worth while.

(Textbulbs # IV)


Production year: 2022

Materials: 4 hand-sandblasted light bulbs. Porcelain sockets, Cotton covered cables.


The series "Textbulbs" was started in London in 2001. I was interested in investigating the lightbulb as a poetic space. In these works I carefully sandblast text onto lightbulbs, a delicate process in need of precision and concentration.

 All texts in the series "Texbulbs" are excerpts from published works available also as books. 

The works have a durational aspect beyond my control. The lightbulbs have a durational lifespan in terms of how long they will give light. The works change as the bulb dies, but the bulbs will not be replaced, but rather this offers a reference to how life is also fleeting.


In this new work I continue from the very first work made in this series, with text from Samuel Becketts "Waiting for Godot", a work full of uncertainty and unclear futures, fitting well with the state of the world in the middle of a still ongoing pandemic. 

Edvine Larssen (b. 1977) is currently living and working in Tromsø. Her works are clearly rooted in a site bound practice, valuing time as well as space as active components. Larssen works between the architectonic, the performative and the sculptural, with installations that are acting on both material and conceptual means. She refers to her works as Passage Works, works in a constant state of becoming, where presence and movement plays a vital part. 


Edvine Larssen is working on Situasjoner (Nasjonalmuseet) a commissioned site bound work for the New National Museum, opening in Oslo this coming summer. She has previously been commissioned to make site bound works for SKAUS, RAKE visningsrom, Nordenfjeldske kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim International Festival for Performative Arts, Tromsø kunstforening, Kunstnernes Hus, SALT and LevArt, to mention some. She also works with various publications and text.


Larssen is Professor of Contemporary Arts at the Art Academy in Tromsø UiT. She holds a PhD equivalent from the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme via KIT, the Art Academy at NTNU. She is also educated from Kingston University in London and CCA Kitakyushu in Japan. For more info:

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