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André Enger Aas 

15.01.21 - 17.01.21

IN THE CLOSET⃣ Is proud to present André Enger Ass exhibition "Rabbit Hole"! Opening 15th of Janaury! Don't forget to sign up for a visit!

"Rabbit Hole"

For my time in the closet, I started to think about «the hidden», neglected or withheld truths. I took a deep dive into conspiracies. From the Rothschilds to MK ultra, to ancient Egyptian drill holes. The rabbit hole is deep. The event and leading conspiracies that made the biggest impact on me, and in many ways changed the world, are the events of 9/11. There is the official report and then there are the conspiracy theories, or as some call it, the truth and the truth. «Rabbit Hole» is an exhibition researching the truth and the hidden. The exhibition features a series of paintings depicting and highlighting World Trade Center 7(Building 7), the third building that went down in New York.

André Enger Aas (b. 1987, Stavern, Norway) is an artist based in Tromsø. Aas received a bachelors degree from The Academy of Contemporary Art in Trondheim and a Masters degree from Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art in 2015. Since 2017 he has been situated and working at Loftet Atelierfellesskap at Tromsø Kunstforening. He works within installation, image and sculpture. Aas mixes the familiar with the abstract to build a visual narrative that tells tales which distorts history with fiction, science with spirituality and touches upon universal sensibilities such as love, loss and identity. Aas’s figurative sculptures and installations are composed of a variety of materials and elements, resembling collages of everyday objects and artefacts.

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