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Alfred Marasigan
06.01 - 29.01.23

A Heritage of Captivity" exhibition on January 6th. This is Marasigan's first solo exhibition in a quasi-post-pandemic world, in collaboration with fellow artists Jovel Lorenzo (photography), Manel Solsoloy (photography), and Victor Loong (SFX)*. "A Heritage of Captivity" features Marasigan's ongoing Taal Sea Snake Project about the duhol matapang (Hydrophis semperi) – a vulnerable species endemic to his regional hometown and one of only two venomous freshwater sea snakes in the world – depicted as photo, video, and installation works that examine the politics of spectatorship, media, and horror. This exhibition raises questions about how we have dealt with fear and the unknown through the image-making processes we have developed over centuries, and what cultures of capture endure in the Information Age and affect ideas of queerness, nostalgia, and storytelling. Marasigan's "A Heritage of Captivity" ultimately struggles with hunting and being hunted as a global southern persona.

Alfred Marasigan is an artist and educator who conducts serendipitous research and transmedial practices primarily through livestreaming, heavily inspired by emotional geography, Norwegian slow TV, and magic realism. Such format, often via social media, anchors his current explorations on simultaneity, sustainability, solidarity, and sexuality. Marasigan graduated in 2019 with an MA in Contemporary Art from UiT Arctic University of Norway’s Kunstakademiet i Tromsø and is a Norwegian Council of the Arts Grantee for Newly Graduated Artists. His work has been exhibited, screened, and published by Het Nieuwe Instituut (NL), Tromsø Kunstforening (NO/PH), Goldsmiths' EnclaveLab (UK/PH), Further Reading (ID), Meinblau Projektraum (DE/PH), M:ST Performative Art (WWW/CA/PH), Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival (NO), C3 Contemporary Art Space (AU) and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (PH). Currently based in Manila, he is a faculty member of Ateneo de Manila University’s Department of Fine Arts since 2013.

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